Johnke Farm Soy Candles

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Blueberry Muffins - fresh blueberries blended with sweet cake notes of sugar and vanilla.

Butternut Pumpkin - a perfect autumn fragrance with a blend of butternut squash, pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla.

Cantaloupe - fresh fruit salad dominated by freshly cut cantaloupe

Cinnamon Spice -  A fall classic - a blend of spicy goodness

Coconut Lime - a luscious blend of juicy lime on a delicate heart of creamy coconut and fresh florals. Vanilla notes and sandalwood round out the blend

Cranberry Citrus - A vibrant and distinctive cranberry. Sizzling citrus notes blend with ginger and tart cranberry for a true festive aroma.

Crème Brulee - This one smells like a rich, creamy French coffee blend

Cucumber Melon -  a crisp, fresh scent that combines fresh cucumber, cool honeydew and soft musk.

French Vanilla - an excellent buttery vanilla type fragrance

Hawaiian Paradise - a tropical island vacation blend of fruity pineapple with coconut notes. It has a sweet baked vanilla base note.

Hazelnut Coffee - A rich, full-bodied aroma accompanied by the buttery appeal of freshly roasted European hazelnuts and a touch of indulgent cream.

Hot Baked Apple Pie - aroma of spicy apple pie straight from the oven.

Hot Iced Cinnamon Rolls - Smells like fresh from the oven cinnamon sticky buns glazed with butter cream frosting

Key Lime Pie -   Cool and refreshing key lime, vanilla whipped cream and a graham cracker crust

Leather - a rich, new leather fragrance

Lemon Chiffon - this incredible, light fragrance is reminiscent of a fresh creamy lemon pie. 

Lily of the Valley - Blend of white flowers and lilies

Mulberry- classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon sticks, wild berries, and bitter orange peels

Northwood Pine - harvest of northern pines

Ocean Overlook -  fresh ozonic marine notes capturing the mist of the ocean.

Raspberry Cream - a sweet combination of summer berries and rich cool cream

Red Hot Cinnamon - very strong fragrance that is reminiscent of the heart-shaped candies

Splendor of Christmas - a fruity spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper notes - a holiday favorite

Spring Rain - the smell of a clean refreshing spring rain

Sugar Cookie -  the sweet, sugary aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies

Summer Creamsicle - Orange, vanilla, and powdered sugar - a light summer treat!  Yum!

Sweet Snow - a soft mint with a vanilla background

White Cotton - smells like sun dried cotton combined with white flowers and a hint of lemon.

White Nectarine & Pink Coral - a hot pink summer favorite - the luscious fruitiness of sweet peach, pineapple chunks and orange slices

Wild Cherry - A strong, fruity cherry fragrance with slight touches of orange, peach, strawberry, banana, and vanilla

Winter Wonderland - a minty aroma paired up with the smell of natural woods to create your own irresistible Winter Wonderland.